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Upload Date 12/23/2013
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This video was uploaded after the creative commons video Lombard Street was made. The video was made two days before the christmas of 2013, and just 9 more days until the new year 2014 arrived. The date this video was made was monday, as in 2014, the 23rd was tuesday. In 2015, the 23rd was wednesday. The plot involves black yoshi making a video on youtube's webcam. After 34 seconds of the video, the slipper twins appeared on camera. In the end, a giant teddy bear plush toy appeared and was hungry enough to eat yoshi.


Teddy Bear Eats Blackyoshi04590

Teddy Bear Eats Blackyoshi04590

Black yoshi appears on camera and just when the slipper twins appeared. Their first appearence was The Slipper Twins, where they were making a video of eachother.


The teddy bear would later make an appearance in A Day In Court.

This is the teddy bear's last appearance, as he only makes a brief cameo in A Day In Court.

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