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Upload Date 12/4/2013
Number Of Views Record 290 Views
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Minecraft creeper explodes on yoshi's face was a video uploded after the sequel Random Day At School. The plot involves yoshi trying to go to sleep along with all the other yoshis. A minecraft creeper comes by yoshi and tries to explode on him. The rest of the yoshis were already asleep in the video and never woke up after yoshi got up when a minecraft creeper was just about to explode on yoshi. As of May 2019, this video has reached 290 views. Comments have been disabled as of 2019 due to the COPPA compliance YouTube must follow and as such, they cannot be commented, saved to any playlist, or downloaded. You also cannot watch it in mini player either. You can still like or dislike on them however.

How yoshi exploded on the creeper

Yoshi got up and was wondering around infront of the creeper to av
Minecraft Creeper Explodes On Yoshi

Minecraft Creeper Explodes On Yoshi

oid getting blown up anyway. Black yoshi could be seen during the incident, along with some other yoshis as well. Yoshi completely woke up with all other of the yoshis asleep
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