Please read, obey and remember all of these rules before editing pages. The same rules apply when you're editing as if you were on this wiki.

  1. When editing a page, please be sure to add a summary to the page so that way admins and content moderators can understand why you have edited that page
  2. When creating a page please be sure there is not already a page on that subject and get permission from an admin first.
  3. Do not add edit or remove any categories without permssion. This is to prevent chaos
  4. Do not use the comment section to ask for wants and wishes, they simply go in the Wants and wishes board. Comments on articles must be about issues with that article or to provide helpful information that we may have missed.
  5. Do not remove videos or tables from pages, this is severe vandalism and is grounds for immediate disciplinary action with no warning.
  6. Always name photos properly. Do not name the photos in gibberish. It must be "Mariotube Yoshichannel.jpg" and not "09992_76rje3.jpg".
  7. When editing the view count, put "+1 View" in the summary, not "View Update" or anything similar.

Please remember and understand them when you edit.

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