To use our chat properly, we have rules about that here. Please read these rules carefully

This wiki is ​not a roleplay wiki. Roleplaying will not be tolerated in the chat or on this entire wiki.


No swearing is tolerated, It is against our rules here on this wiki. It is called vulgar language on this wiki. If you find any users using swear words on this wiki, please notify an admin or a chat mod immediately

Using subtitles on this wiki is also vulgar and against our rules on this wiki. You cannot use #####, ******, (())(()) or ^&#&^ for swear words either


No spam is tolerated here either. It is also against the wiki rules here on this wiki. Since most wikis collab with other wikis such as community central, it is advised that everyone stays aware. Please report spam to admins immediately

Spam comes in many different forms, Spam comes in: repeatedly saying the same stuff over and over, posting links to external sites, pretending to be someone else, etc


Dating is against our chat rules on this wiki. Never ask for boyfriends or girlfriends, ever! If you find two people dating eachother, please report that to admins immediately

This wiki is not the place for dating. Never get involved or say anything to the two people dating eachother. Instead, please report it to an admin immediately


Never give our your personal information, it is against our rules, don't do it ever!! Don't say anything to them, instead please report it to one of our admins

Using subtitles also will not work either and it is vulgar as well. You cannot use ###, ***, ((())) or ^&#&^ to hide your personal information either


Use only one user account only, Sockpuppetry is against the rules on this wiki. If you create more than one account, both accounts will be indefinitely banned from chat

You will be infinitely banned from this wiki. Please report any sockpuppetry to our admins. If you do not know what sockpuppetry means, please click here


European Economic Area (EEA): 18 Years Old Everywhere Else (Including the UK) 16 Years Old

To start a chat, you need to be at least 16 years old to do so (18 in the EEA). If you are under 16 (or 18 in the EEA), you will be banned for being underage

You will be banned from chat until the turn of age. You do need to be 13 to join this wiki, but that does not mean you can start a chat while you are 13

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