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Mario kills the yoshi family was the first plush video uploaded to youtube. The plot starts out as mario being very hungry and having nothing to eat, so he finds a group of yoshis and starts eating them apart. In the video, there were many different yoshis and even a minecraft creeper plush toy. All the yoshis tried to get away and mario was trying to get his meal of the yoshis. The video now has 897 views as of 2019.

Colored Yoshis And Characters

Mario Kills The Yoshi Family

Mario Kills The Yoshi Family

There are different colored yoshis seen in the video, which includes green, pink, light blue, yellow and black. The actual reason mario was eating the yoshis apart was because the yoshis were the only things mario could eat. No food could be seen in the island so mario grabs a creeper and tries to catch the yoshis. The leader of the yoshis was light blue yoshi

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