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The most popular video of all is Mario Gets Held Back And Gets Grounded. This video reached 10,000 views in early 2015, and in 2016 it smashed records, making it to 20,000 views. The video has been watched more than 20,000 times. Despite it having a sizeable amount of views, the record of likes has only reached up to 100, with the record number of dislikes being 30. Despite it having more likes than dislikes, the video has mean and hateful comments. The video is 6 minutes and 43 seconds long. The plot involves yoshi teaching some smaller yoshis and a creeper from minecraft while they were doing math. Mario was late and was forced to go to preschool and apparently got expelled. When mario got home, he got grounded. As of 2017, the video passed 30,000 views and the video is currently at 39,396 right now in 2020. As of 2019 due to COPPA, comments are no longer possible on most of his videos, including this one.

The Story

Mario Gets Held Back And Gets Grounded-1458012046

Mario Gets Held Back And Gets Grounded-1458012046

This video was a hit from december 2013, before the new year 2014 arrived on all of our calendars. As mario got scared as he got held back because his principal commanded him to do so. He was in 12th grade like his classmates were in. Mario refused to take every single class he was sent to. But in preschool, mario refused to share milk and cookies with baby yoshis, so he ate all the milk and cookies. He ended up being grounded by his father later on when he got home. Mario's parents were also yoshis as well and so was his brother black yoshi, who was asleep. Little mama was confused and yoshi told her he got held back from preschool and mario's mother also grounded him. Black yoshi heard what was going on and gets mad at his parents for yelling, but his parents told him that his brother mario got held back from preschool, so black yoshi grounded him and mario told black yoshi to stop bossing him around all the time. The screen cuts to black and the video ends.

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