Mario is one of the main characters in mariotube yoshichannel videos. He is the main antagonist in Mario Gets Held Back And Gets Grounded
and in Mario Kills The Yoshi Family, as well as starring in some other videos as well (where he plays a big role). He got held back to preschool in his most famous video. Since 2014, the number of views increased, and in 2015 it continued, having at least 10,000 views in the early part. It also continued to grow in 2016 as well, increasing from 10,000 views to 20,000 views. The video is currently up to 30,000 views since 2017, and since the summer of 2015, people replied to other people's comments. However, Mario has also recieved a lot of hate. For this reason, a lot of people don't like him as he is childish.
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