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Upload Date 12/20/2013
Number of views 148 views
Video rank Creative Commons Video

Mariotube yoshichannel decided to upload lombard street, a creative commons video. This video was the second video after Me As Tarrant uploaded another creative commons lombard street video. Me As Tarrant was the first YouTuber to upload a creative commons video, as mariotube yoshichannel was the second. In 2014, more users made did the same thing, and in 2015 it increased and has began increasing for almost three years. It now has 148 views as of November 2018

The video promotion

Lombard Street

Lombard Street

This video was the second video uploaded, after Me As Tarrant made the group. This video was about a proud sponsor to a contribution to YouTube. This was after the contributions mariotube yoshichannel made to Youtube