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Upload Date 12/4/2013
Number of views record 286 Views
Video rank second video

This video was the second video uploaded to youtube. Unlike the first one which reached up to 418 views, this video only has reached up to 88 total views so far in 2016. The plot starts out as light blue yoshi wondering around somewhere. Yoshi then lands on light blue yoshi and scares him, so light blue yoshi tries to escape yoshi by attacking him. The yoshi was a predator and was getting his lunch, while light blue yoshi was yoshi's prey. Differences between the predator and the prey was yoshi was played as the predator and light blue yoshi was played as prey. The video now has 286 views as of 2020. As of 2019, this video is still normal as part of YouTube's COPPA compliance, though comments are still disabled nonetheless due to YouTube disabling comments on videos with kids back a year prior.

How yoshi caught his prey

Light Blue Yoshi Kills Yoshi

Light Blue Yoshi Kills Yoshi

According to the video script, yoshi was programmed to jump on his prey and light blue yoshi programmed to escape yoshi. No yoshi plush toys were harmed in the making of this video either. Even a roll of blue tape can be seen as well.
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