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Upload Date 12/14/2013
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Kid in the box was a video uploaded on Saturday December 14, 2013. The plot involves Zach hiding his head in a box, which would have got him in trouble for doing so. The only plush toy that was used was the yellow yoshi plush toy. There was no description in the video at all, or there was any information either. The only information that exists is this page only. There's no description either, which is why it is such a mystery.

Yellow Yoshi Plush Toy

Kid In The Box

Kid In The Box

The yellow yoshi plush toy was the only plush toy used in this video, no other plush toys were used in the video, ever. Only the yellow yoshi plush toy was used, but the plush toy was only used at the end of the video, where zach loved his plush toy
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