The Creeper seen in A Day At Court

The creeper toy (better known as 9909, or Memy9909 as heard in Mario Gets Held Back And Gets Grounded), is a toy who appears in almost every Mariotube Yoshichannel video (except Lombard Street, which is a creative commons video clip uploaded closer to the end of 2013). He is a minecraft creeper plush toy who starred in several videos, including Minecraft Creeper Explodes On Yoshi and a few other videos. It is revealed that his name is memy9909 because the yoshi called his name and the creeper said "here". He also exploded in front of yoshi in his own video as well. He even starred in A Day At Court, and The Shove Dance.


  • Memy9909 was named after a goanimate user of the same name, who is a goanimator who caused a lot of controversy, plus this being similar to goanimate, it may have been suggested that the name was possibly chosen due to creeper's explosion, though they are both two completely different people and this creeper toy is for the most part neutral.
  • This is the only minecraft character who appeared in the series, as well as almost every single video on the channel (except Lombard Street).
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