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Upload Date 12/12/2013
Number of views record 144 Views
Video rank Primary Video

Creeper faces was a video about a minecraft creeper playing with the camera. This video was made on December 12, 2013, which was close to saturday December 14 2013. Only 47 views were recieved for the video and it was uploaded a week after the shove dance was uploaded, which was Thursday, December 5, 2013. This video is not affected by the COPPA Compliance of YouTube as of 2019 and users can still comment on the video as of 2020.

What the creeper was doing

Creeper Faces

Creeper Faces

The only plush toy that was used in this video was the minecraft creeper plush toy. No other plush toys were used, or even seen in the video at all, just one creeper plush toy only
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