• GPG214

    Retiring Soon

    March 31, 2020 by GPG214

    Hello everyone, I am writing this blog post here to announce that soon I will soon be retiring from this wiki for many reasons, which I will explaing donw below. Please read the entire blog post so that you can know why I won't be here soon.

    • I have had problems with my administration on this wiki and as I have been demoting myself quite a few times, such as that time June 12, 2019 until July 4, 2019. I have found this wiki to be too much for me to do and I am also on another, newer wiki, and I will be retiring from here and working there. I am also planning on joining another wiki to become an admin on and hopefully do better there than I have done the last few years of me being here.
    • I feel like that this wiki is no more and as such, I plan…
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  • Chimes1242121


    October 20, 2019 by Chimes1242121

    I am writing this blog post to state that I am unfortunately officially retiring from this wiki after 2 years, due to several things that have been going on.

    I unfortunately no longer have interest in this wiki as I have been onto other things previously. It was a great 2 years of my time here but due to not having interest anymore, I am officially giving up this wiki for good.

    And RealLife21415, please make sure that no one vandalizes my userpage in case i decide to come back. I may come back at some point if i change my mind. However, i will have to leave this wiki. Goodbye to all.

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  • GPG214

    Resigning Again

    July 4, 2019 by GPG214

    As of July 4, 2019, i am now admin again.

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  • GPG214


    June 12, 2019 by GPG214

    Hey everyone, this is a blog post to let you know that i am no longer admin as of June 12, 2019. I am now only bureaucrat and content moderator. However, there are still plenty of admins to contact if you need anything and i will still be part of the task force. As of now, until further notice, i am no longer an administrator anymore. There are also several reasons too.

    Obviously one problem i've had as admin was always constantly moderating the forum though so far I never done mostly nothing. Also another thing is that if I monitor the forum for too long it can become a problem since I always tend to miss out on real important things in life. However, there are still admins here as well as discussion moderators that will take care of the f…

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  • Chimes1242121


    May 31, 2019 by Chimes1242121

    I have announced that i will return for a short period of time. I will be around if you need to contact me or anything.

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  • AstroAntics

    I'm back!

    April 19, 2019 by AstroAntics
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  • YoshiFreak140

    I don't know why but for some reason my account is now officially a year old. What do you guys say?

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  • TwoDS

    One Year Anniversary!

    September 18, 2018 by TwoDS

    As you may know today is officially my one year anniversary on Mariotube Yoshichannel! It has been exactly one year ago since i've joined on September 18, 2017. I proudly thank everyone for their support and honor that everyone here has given me.

    When i first joined this wiki i was getting into new things but since it has now been one year i have announced a blog post to invite everyone over! I have learned a lot of things since joining this wiki and i don't even know what to say, but i'm thrilled that my account is one year old today! I am also posting this on the forum as well, and i will see you there.

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  • Chimes1242121

    I know how you guys don't get enough time to work on the wiki because you might have either school or work but this is going to be the most emotional blog post on this wiki ever. Please read this very carefully, this goes to all active users that see this blog post.

    I am about to graduate soon (2019), and i am about to go to war, i already have had school as well as a job i got recently. Because of this i will no longer be part of the adminship (for a long time). I've been having fun here since the wiki was very new, this wiki has been running for a long time and i'd like to thank the wiki creator, RealLife21415, for allowing me to become part of the admin team.

    This is also not a long blog post, because that's most of what is preventing me…

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  • AstroAntics

    First post

    May 4, 2018 by AstroAntics

    My first post, pretty short, detailing everything. I am a nice person IRL, and I will be a nice person on the wiki too. I love wikis and I am sometimes a very proactive editor on every wiki. (However, I have school and it is particularly brutal, especially when I have tests, projects, and assignments.) For this reason, I may be a little inactive at times. But I will try to contribute helpfully to the community.

    I can help you if:

    Questions? Ask me at the Message Wall, and (admittedly, though I'm not an admin) I'll do my best to answer.

    Help? I'll try.

    I can't help you if:

    You're a vandal. Sorry, no room.

    You want your account unblocked. Sorry, I can't do that.


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  • Fertamous

    I'm returning

    February 27, 2018 by Fertamous

    I am announcing that i am returning after i've been on a long hiatus. I will not always be on here but i will try to be here as much as i can. I am currently finishing school right now and until i'm done i will be inactive.

    If you leave a message on my wall i will try to respond ASAP.

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  • RealLife21415

    Before joining the team, please read our admin policy to understand what is acceptable and not acceptable for the team. This page is NOT for the guidelines, this is ONLY for the list of tasks and responsbilities for the entire team to help keep this wiki clean from unrelated/inappropriate content.

    If anyone is willing to join the team, they must have met the expectations in the admin policy page. Please look at the eligability requirements. This here is just a list for what everyone in the team is responsible for doing. Please read this entire page very carefully!

    Chat moderators are responsible for moderating the chat and keeping it under control. Chat moderators may only enforce the chat rules when banning or warning users about rule viola…

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  • Hornets1200

    Past 100 edits

    October 12, 2017 by Hornets1200

    Hello users of this wiki so i just recently made over 100 edits on the wiki. I may have surpassed the temporarily inactive CEO of the wiki, Hshshydgggd. He had more edits but i may now be in second place of the leaderboard ranking. I'm not really sure yet but i made 100 edits in the last week.

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  • RealLife21415

    Admin Policy

    October 1, 2017 by RealLife21415

    Even admins need to pay attention to the rules of the wiki, which is why this admin policy is created for admins and bureaucrats on this wiki. To be eligable for administration, you need to have at least 3 mariotube life badges, have made at least 200 edits, and have been active everyday for 8 months, and you absolutely ​cannot ​hav​e any s​ockpuppet accounts active, ​OR ​have a history of blocks on this wiki or on other wikis you edit there. You also have to be autoconfirmed as well before administration rights are given. If you do not meet these requirements, then a bureaucrat will ​NOT ​make you an admin.

    • Discussions moderators are responsible for patrolling the article comments, discussions forums, message walls, etc.
    • Content moderators are r…

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  • GPG214

    Article Comments

    April 28, 2016 by GPG214

    Article comments are enabled but please follow these rules. Any failures to comply will result in a block

    1. Do not use the article pages to post comments, they are only for talking about the article. Use the forum instead
    2. Do not edit rows and columns or remove any videos
    3. Please use one account only, any failures to comply will result in both accounts being blocked
    4. Register an account before editing any articles

    This blog post was made by me to insure everyone stays safe on this wiki. Any repeated spam comments will get you blocked from this wiki.

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  • GPG214


    April 11, 2016 by GPG214

    Like most wikis, this wiki also has rules as well. To continue on, please read these rules and try to remember these rules. Nobody under 13 can join  

    You are always required to follow the wiki rules when doing anything on this wiki, everyone here does. I decided to write this onto my blog so that if other users come here they can read this. This is a very welcoming community, but in order to prevent any chaos, there are rules here. Admins will warn/block users who do not follow them.

    Blocks on this community are not a punishment for users, but are to prevent further vandalism or spam.

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