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Upload Date 12/4/2013
Number Of Views 260 Views
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Black yoshi in the house was a short video about black yoshi playing outside. The plot involves him being bored and finds a toy dog with his toy bone trying to play with black yoshi's head. Black yoshi tries to go to his friend's house, but ends up getting grounded by his dad, light blue yoshi. Black yoshi thought he would end up at his friend's house, but his dad knew where he was, so black yoshi tries to set him up to avoid getting grounded, but he ends up getting grounded by his father anyway. As of May 2020, the video has reached 260 views. Comments have been disabled as of 2019 due to the COPPA compliance YouTube must follow and as such, they cannot be commented, saved to any playlist, or downloaded. You also cannot watch it in mini player either. You can still like or dislike on them however.

Basic information

Black Yoshi In The House

Black Yoshi In The House

Three yoshis and even mario can be seen, a large green yoshi and two smaller yoshis, one was pink and the other one is yellow. The dog toy was from a burger king resturaunt and Blue Yoshi was the black yoshi's father in the video.
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