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Upload Date 12/23/2013
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This was mariotube yoshichannel's last video, before logging out of youtube permanently. The plot in this video involves a few small yoshis and a minecraft creeper plush toy, black yoshi was the plaintiff, as the giant teddy bear was the defendant, who was from Teddy Bear Eats Blackyoshi04950. He attacked black yoshi and had to be restrained by the slipper twins.

The video

A Day At Court

A Day At Court

Black yoshi was trying to sue the teddy bear for trying to attack him. However, both slipper twins were restraining the teddy bear so the yoshis would be safe. Both of the slipper twins did get attacked by the teddy bear after the end of the video.


  • This was Mariotube Yoshi's last video, before blanking his channel description and quitting YouTube.
  • The video was briefly privated in late December, before being reuploaded to public access.
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